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Building Data

The following web pages constitute information assembled for each of the buildings where there is a link. The Port is working towards completing the data compilation for those buildings not under lease by the ship repair operator and will update the site when that material is assembled.

As available reports are converted to digital format, they will be posted on each building page.

By Building # - Links also on above map

Building 2 (Warehouse #2)

Building 6 (Light Warehouse #6)

Building 12 (Plate Shop #2)

Building 14 (Heavy Warehouse)

Building 21 (Substation #5)

Building 50 (Pier 68 Substation #2)

Building 101 (Main Office/ Administration Building)

Building 102 (Powerhouse)

Building104 (UIW Office Building/ Industrial Relations Building)

Building 109 (Plate Shop #1)

Building 110 (Yard Washroom and Locker Room)

Building 111 (Main Office/ Warehouse and Substation #3)

Buildings 113/114

Building 115 (Concrete Warehouse)

Building 116 (Concrete Warehouse)

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