Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee - September 21, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
September 21, 2017 - 11:30am




Port of San Francisco – Pier 1 – San Francisco, CA 94111


Thursday, September 21, 2017, 11:30am-1:00pm

Port of San Francisco, Bayside Conference Room

Meeting Summary Notes

1 David Beaupre Port of San Francisco
2 Brandon Chapman Port of San Francisco
3 Chris Christiansen ILWU Local 10
4 Peter Dailey Port of San Francisco
5 Lauren Dickson Metro Ports
6 Kathleen Diohep Mare Island Dry Dock
7 Susan Gygi SF City Planning
8 Charles Higueras Public Works
9 Catharine Hooper Maritime Consultant
10 Jamie Hurley Port of San Francisco
11 Ellen Johnck Ellen Joslin Johnck, RPA
12 Alan Kawasaki Shah Kawaski Architects
13 Nick Kendall SF Bay Railroad
14 Cathyrn Lucido Metro Cruise Services
15 Denise Lum Port of San Francisco
16 Ryan  Martin SF Bay Railroad
17 Pat Murphy Blue & Gold Fleet
18 Michael Nerney Port of San Francisco
19 Ray Paetzold SF Bar Pilots
20 Julia Raskin SF Bicycle Coalition
21 Joe Reilly Port of San Francisco
22 Gerry Roybal Port of San Francisco
23 Jeffrey Slusarz USCG


  1. Welcome
  • Self-introductions by all present.


  1. Maritime Update (Peter Dailey)
  • Bobby Guillory, long time board member, has resigned from MCAC. He is a friend of maritime, labor, and the Port and will be missed. We wish him well in his retirement.
  • BAE Systems and Puglia Engineering have been in a legal battle since the transfer of the Pier 70 shipyard lease in January 2017. The yard temporarily shut down in May 2017, putting the employees out of work. The Port stepped in and hired five key employees to manage the shipyard. Since then, the Port met with BAE regarding some issues which resulted in the Port receiving a settlement from BAE of close to $6 million. In August 2017, the Port issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a new shipyard operator.  Responses are due by September 29, 2017.  Formal interviews are scheduled in November, and the Port hopes to have a new shipyard operator by December 2017.
  • Last year, Pier 80 had 24 vessel calls, mainly import and export of automobiles. The biggest exports are automobiles manufactured by Tesla, primarily going to Asia.  Pasha Automotive Services Group has signed a new contract with Ford Motor Company to import automobiles manufactured in Mexico and being delivered by ship.  The first Ford ship came in two weeks ago, and the next one is due soon carrying 500 Ford cars.
  • The bulk business at Pier 94 remains strong.  Materials are coming in by ship for the construction of the Warriors arena and the Salesforce building.
  • Rail business has been doing very well, mostly due to shipping out contaminated soil from the Warriors arena site and other regional construction projects.
  • Last week, the Port Commission approved a pilot program to allow commercial fishing boats at Fisherman's Wharf Harbor to sell fish to retail customers. This program existed 20 years ago but it expired. The fishers must comply with all the regulations of the State Department Fish & Wildlife, Food & Agriculture, SF Health, and SF Environment. This will be a one-year trial program starting soon.
  • The expansion of the downtown ferry terminal by Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) for additional facilities is underway. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.
  • Catharine Hooper, Port of San Francisco maritime consultant, reported on Fleet Week 2017. Fleet Week is a City and County event conducted by the Fleet Week Association, a non-profit organization, comprised of a board of volunteers. Since 2010, the real function of Fleet Week is education. Fleet Week brings together the military and all major first responding agencies with a mission to save lives in cases of emergencies.  For more information on Fleet Week and all events associated with Fleet Week, please see their website: 


  1. Railyard Alternatives & I-280 Blvd Study (Susan Gygi of SF City Planning)
  • The Railyard Alternatives and I-280 Boulevard Feasibility Study (RAB) is a multi-agency program studying transportation and land use alternatives at the South of Market, Mission Bay, and Lower Potrero Hill neighborhoods.
  • The existing infrastructure was built at a time when the area was primarily an industrial neighborhood. The challenge is to build a future that integrates land use with local and regional transportation and builds a high-quality urban environment.
  • For more information on the study, please view the presentation here:


  1. Waterfront Plan Working Group Update (David Beaupre)
  • Part 2, Policy Discussion Subcommittees, is now wrapping up.
  • All updates/meeting agendas/minutes/presentation/supporting documents on the Plan can be found on the Port website:


  1. SFFD Fire Station 35 Project Review (Charles Higuera)
  • Fire Station 35, located at historic landmark Pier 22½, is the only fire boat facility for the San Francisco Bay region.
  • Station 35 is approximately 100 years old and in need of expansion and upgrades.
  • For an overview of the project, please view the presentation here:


  1. Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
  • SF Port wharfinger Brandon Chapman sits on the Board of Directors for the Propeller Club. This organization supports anything and everything related to maritime. There will be one more luncheon meeting this year, details to be announced. For more information on the Propeller Club, please go to their website:


  1. Forward Calendar
  • Next MCAC meeting: Thursday, November 16, 2017, 11:30am-1:00pm

Meeting location: Pier 1 or TBA