Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee - September 19, 2019 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
September 19, 2019 - 11:30am
David Beaupre Port of San Francisco
Mike Bishop Hanson Aggregates
Brandon Chapman Port of San Francisco
Christoper Christiansen ILWU Local 34
Andrew Clark Pasha
Andre  Coleman Port of San Francisco
Anne  Cook Port of San Francisco
Robert Estrada Inland Boatmen's Union
Aaron  Golbus Port of San Francisco
Catharine Hooper Maritime Consultant
Zac  Johnson SF Bay Railway
Nick Kendall SF Bay Railway
Alex Kryska Prop SF
Gordon  Loebhl Hornblower
Cathryn Lucido Metro Cruise
Dominic Moreno Port of San Francisco
Mike Nerney Port of San Francisco
Brendan O'Meara Port of San Francisco
Sophie  Silvestri Pasha
David Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
Scott  Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
Scott  Valencia Pasha


1. Welcome
• Self-introductions by all present.

2. Maritime Update (Maritime Staff)
• In August 2019, the Port Commission approved a rate increase on cruise ship passenger fees.  This will become effective in January 2020.
• New to cruising out of San Francisco is Carnival Cruise Lines.  With the addition of 28 calls from Carnival Cruise Lines, that will bring the Port up to 120 calls in 2020.
• In September 2019, the Port Commission approved the Operations Agreement with Pacific Cycle Inc. granting Pacific Cycle authority to operate its two Vacaville, California facilities as a Foreign Trade Zone No. 3 Subzone for a term of five years.
• In July 2019, the Port Commission approved a new 15-year lease with our long-time tenant, Golden Gate Scenic Steamship Corporation (Red and White Fleet) located at Pier 43 ½.
• The interim ferry landing at Pier 48 ½ will be up and running by October 1st. It is located close to the Chase Center and is designated to run only during game days and when there is a special event.  The facility is managed by the Water Emergency Transit Authority.
• Fleet Week will be from October 6 – 14, 2019.
• The Disaster Exercise will take place on October 7, 2019 in the Northern Waterfront.  It will be focused on debris removal and lessons learned from the Camp Fire last year.
• The Parade of Ships will be on October 11, 2019.
• The Air Show will be from October 11 -13, 2019.
• For more Fleet Week information and events:

3. Southern Waterfront Update
• Pasha is doing well with higher volumes than anticipated. 
• Scott Valencia is the new terminal manager at Pier 80. 
• Electric cars are exempt from the tariff increase.
• Zac Johnson is the General Manager for San Francisco Bay Railway at Pier 96 and Nick Kendall is the point of contact for operations.   

4. Waterfront Plan Update (Anne Cook)
• The Waterfront Plan Working Group has been working collaboratively for over 3 years to update the 1997 Waterfront Plan.
• 151 recommendations on how to update the Plan were unanimously approved.
• The goal for the next year is to gather all public and internal comments and make changes to the policies if needed.
• We have been working closely with State Lands Commission and BCDC as we all share the responsibility for overseeing the public trust lands which the Port regulates.
• The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process, required by the California Environmental Quality ACT (CEQA), will take at least a year before the Plan can be adopted in its entirety.
• For all information regarding the Waterfront Plan Update:

5. Other: Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
• The Maritime Division has been vocal in advocating for Capital Improvement Projects related to maritime facilities and uses.
• Port security grants are available through the Department of Homeland Security.
   2019 Port Security Grant Program Fact Sheet:
• With the Chase Center opening, it is drawing more people down to the Southern Waterfront, which is an industrial area.
• Concern about growing homelessness and what it is doing to tourism on the waterfront.  Tour companies, where the Inland Boatmen’s Union had representation, is taking a big hit.
• There is still no resolution on Regional Measure 3, the Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan.
• There is still concern with the new CARB rules regarding the new At-Berth Regulations effective 2021. 
• The Port has yet to identity a 2nd cruise terminal with shoreside power capabilities. In the meantime, CARB has granted the Port up to 19 calls at Pier 35 for cruise ships that do not need to plug in to shore power.
• According to Dave Thomas’s historical research, San Francisco Water Taxi has survived longer than any other water taxi service.  Business has shown slow and steady growth.
• Since the opening of the Chase stadium on September 6, google maps hits have gone up a quarter of a million hits.

6. Forward Calendar
• Next MCAC meeting – Thursday, November 21, 2019, 11:30am-1:00pm – Pier 1
Bayside 1 & 2 Conference Rooms