Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee - May 17, 2018 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
May 17, 2018 - 11:30am
Meeting Date:
May 17, 2018 - 11:30am
United States
1 Shannon Alford Port of San Francisco
2 Carol Bach Port of San Francisco
3 Shawn Bennett Baydelta Maritime
4 Richard Berman Port of San Francisco
5 Christopher Christensen ILWU Local 10
6 Peter Dailey Port of San Francisco
7 Joost Dubois The Ocean Cleanup
8 Aaron Golbus Port of San Francisco
9 Catharine Hooper Maritime Consultant
10 Sly Hunter Masters, Mates & Pilots
11 Scott Klopf Silverado Contractors, Inc.
12 Cathryn Lucido Metro Cruise Services
13 Ryan Martin San Francisco Bay Railroad
14 Mary McMillan Westar Marine Services
15 Dominic Moreno Port of San Francisco
16 Wendy Morrow Westar Marine Services
17 Michael Nerney Port of San Francisco
18 Brendan O'Meara Port of San Francisco
19 Diane Oshima Port of San Francisco
20 Hannah Rosenstein SF Public Utilities Commission
21 April Shaw Port of San Francisco
22 David Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
23 Scott Thomas San Francisco Water Taxi
24 Anita Yao Port of San Francisco
  1. Welcome
  2. Self-introductions by all present
  3. Maritime Update (Maritime Staff)

      Port Commission

  • The Port Commission reconfirms one previous Commissioner and welcomes two new members: Vice President, Willie Adams has been reconfirmed by the Board of Supervisors. New Commissioners Gail Gilman and Victor Makras were appointed to the Port Commission by Mayor Mark Farrell in April 2018.
  • Shipyard RFP 2 was released in April:
  • Reduced the number of buildings included in the offering  (10.1 acres of land and piers with ten buildings)
  • The Port is improving the site for future operations including a $3.5 million dredge under Dry Dock #2
  • Port will entertain proposals that include the immediate sale, lease, repair, and operation of the Dry Dock Eureka or its removal
  • The Port will review such proposals on the basis of their ability to ensure rapid and durable restoration of ship repair operations at the site
  • Pasha Automotive Services is progressing in a positive direction
  • Preliminary numbers for Fiscal Year 2017-18, indicate Pier 80 has doubled the amount of vessel calls and autos handled over the previous fiscal year
  • Anticipated continued volume growth over 2-5 years in electric vehicle export operations
  • Stefano Borzone, who served as President of Metro Cruise Services since 2005, has accepted a position with Carnival Corporation in Miami. The new President of Metro Cruise Services is Juan Trescastro
  • San Francisco’s two busiest months in cruise are May (13 ships) and September (14 ships)
  • 78 cruise bookings this year; 90 bookings scheduled for next year
  • San Francisco will welcome Norwegian Bliss in October 2018, the largest cruise ship ever to call our port (168,000 GT, 4,000 passengers)

     Fleet Week

  • The US Navy “big deck” arrives Sunday September 30
  • The Parade of Ships is scheduled for October 5, including US Navy, US Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy, and possibly Australian Navy
  • The Blue Angels will lead the Air Show, with performances October 4-7
  • The Ocean Cleanup (Joost Dubois)
  • Mr. Dubois, Director of Communications for The Ocean Cleanup, gave an informative presentation on the research and actions taken to identify the scale of the problem of plastics in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • The Ocean Cleanup has developed a passive system, using the ocean currents as its force to catch and concentrate the plastic
  • For more information, visit The Ocean Cleanup website:
  • The videos presented at the meeting can be found here:
  • Renewable Diesel on the Water (Richard Berman)
  • Renewable diesel meets Port of SF Sustainability Goal in Strategic Plan
  • 2014 pilot study at Port used renewable diesel in Port vehicles; 2015 City of San Francisco and MTA converted fleets
  • Renewable diesel is a Drop-In Fuel and is chemically identical to petroleum diesel
  • Renewable Diesel meets and exceeds the petroleum standard, ASTM D975, and all engine manufacturer fuel requirements
  • In August 2017, the Port conducted an all-stakeholder workshop including: renewable diesel producers, ferry boat operators, USCG, SFFD, MTA, marine engine manufacturers and city staff. Detailed success was demonstrated through case studies from shoreside applications
  • SFFD Fireboat runs renewable diesel
  • Red and White Fleet has converted to renewable diesel
  • Hornblower has committed to converting to renewable diesel in 2018, other operators to follow in 2019-20
  • Hyde Street Harbor fuel dock will provide renewable diesel in 2018
  • Waterfront Plan Working Group Update (Diane Oshima)
  • The Port is now in the conclusion portion of the Plan update process
  • Port staff will bring a more detailed update to MCAC regarding maritime activities, including specific content regarding proposals for shared access
  • All updates, meeting agendas, minutes, presentations, and supporting documents on the Plan can be found on the Port website:
  • Old and New Business; General Discussion; Agenda Topics for Future Meetings (All)
  • Future presentations from Port partners may include: Pasha Automotive Services, San Francisco Bay Rail, and Silverado Contractors, Inc.
  • Forward Calendar
  • Next MCAC meeting – Thursday, July 19, 2018, 11:30-1:00 – Pier 1 – Bayside Room