Maritime Air Quality

Maritime Air Emissions Down Sharply at Port of San Francisco

P27 ShorePowerAir emissions from the Port of San Francisco’s maritime operations have decreased sharply over the past eight years according to a study that compared maritime air emissions inventoried for 2013 to those inventoried for 2005. The comparison shows that annual particulate matter (PM10) emissions, primarily produced by diesel engines and of concern due to direct health effects, have been reduced by more than half (57%). 

The 2013 inventory report does not reflect the additional contributions of shoreside power at Pier 27 or Pier 70 that the Port has also implemented. An estimate of the additional effects of shoreside power at Pier 27 and Pier 70 indicates that now, in 2014, PM10 emissions likely have been reduced 61% from 2005. Shoreside power is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 6,000 tons of CO2 equivalents per year. 

Here are links to the reports: 

2013 Air Emissions Inventory

2005 Air Emissions Inventory