James R. Herman Cruise Terminal

Public Open Space - Cruise Terminal Plaza

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The Cruise Terminal Plaza is 2 ½ acres of dedicated public open space located outside the Embarcadero front of the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal. The Cruise Terminal Plaza is an expansive lawn with 50 benches that invite opportunities for relaxation and play. The Plaza incorporates sustainable design elements such as landscaping that result in more than 50% irrigation reduction compared to a mid-summer baseline.

From the Plaza, visitors and passengers can take in the panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, including Treasure Island, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, the Financial District, Telegraph Hill and the Coit Tower. Visitors will also appreciate the enormous size of the cruise ships as they are berthed adjacent to the Plaza. Attached to the benches are images and history about many of the most prominent cruise ships to have landed at the Port of San Francisco over the past 150 years.


Public Access Areas

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