Islais Creek Gateway


Islais Creek SWL

Location: Site is bounded by Islais Creek on the southside, Indiana on the west, Marin Street on the north, and Tennessee Street on the east.

Size: Site covers 138,461 square feet or 3.2 acres

Improvements: A 25,100 square foot building referred to as the Marin Street Warehouse.  The building is steel framed with galvanized siding and roofing. The Port's most recent structural conditions report found a minor bend in the building's siding at the northwest corner and otherwise rated the building as in good condition, but it made need some minor repair work.  Islais Creek Promenade borders the site on its southside.  This promenade was built by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and is maintained by the PUC, but remains within the Port's jurisdiction.

Existing Use: Site is currently leased to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (Muni).  Muni uses the site for dispatching, storage, and refueling of its diesel fleet.   There are above ground fuel tanks on-site.

Land Use Restrictions: The site is zoned M-2 for Heavy Industrial, and is subject to the Public Trust.  Any long-term uses at this site must fall into the following categories: maritime, fisheries, environmental preservation and recreation.  Non-trust uses can only occur at this site on an interim bases for a lease term not to exceed five years.

Previous Use: Granex Corporation (formerly Cargill) occupied the site for storage and handling of copra products under a Port lease from 1972 to 1992.  The wharf area boarding SWL 354 was previous referred to as Pier 84, and was occupied by Cargill from 1947 to 1965. 

Environmental Conditions: Additional studies are needed to determine the conditions of this site for reuse.

Adjacent Uses: Immediately south of the site is Islais Creek, to the immediate north and east are wholesale distribution centers including a lumber yard, and other auto storage and rental businesses.  To the west is a vacant fenced property owned by Granex Inc that is bordered by Caltrans right of way property then the I-280.  The uses surrounding the site are characterized as a production, distribution and repair uses.

Access: Site is accessible from Caesar Chavez Street through Tennessee and Indiana Streets.  Indiana Street is a multi-modal street that serves as one of the two designated north-south bike routes in the central waterfront. Tennessee and Marin Streets are wider streets than Indiana Street and provide room for 90 degree truck parking and maneuvering.