Historic Pier Opportunities for Partnership

Aerial Photo of San Francisco Waterfront

The Port seeks public-oriented concepts for historic facilities on the San Francisco waterfront

The Port seeks partners with ideas and the capability to create inviting, public-serving destinations for waterfront facilities in the Embarcadero Historic District.

When the Embarcadero Freeway came down after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, a remarkable urban waterfront renaissance began. Now, over 24 million visitors and locals come to San Francisco’s waterfront each year for employment, entertainment, and relaxation. However, many of the one-of-a-kind facilities in the Embarcadero Historic District remain closed to the public.

From August 1- October 31, 2018, the Port solicited feedback from small businesses and master tenants for new public uses for 13 historic piers and the Agriculture Building that are in need of rehabilitation through a Request for Interest (RFI). The Port of San Francisco requested creative ideas on how these historic piers can be accessible, resilient, and enjoyable. 

The Port received 52 diverse responses to the RFI in nine categories of public-oriented uses. The RFI was the first step in developing Requests for Proposals (RFP) to rehabilitate and preserve historic facilities within the Embarcadero Historic District. Port Staff will present an RFP strategy to the Port Commission in February 2019.

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Important Dates & Information

Facilities included in the RFI

The Port is included thirteen pier facilities and the Agriculture Building in the RFI. The facilities are located along the three and a half miles between Pier 45 in Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 48 at China Basin, just beyond AT&T Ballpark. All locations are within 2 blocks of Muni stops and have considerable foot traffic as well as being accessible by bicycle and water taxi. See detailed information on each facility in the RFI.

Map of Embarcadero Historic District Facilities included in the Request for Interest
See a pdf of the map


Successfully Rehabilitated Piers & Facilities

Exploratorium Basin

The Exploratorium


Ferry BuildingFerry Building

  • Project included ground-floor public market hall (approx. 65,000 sq. ft.) with retail, restaurants, transportation, and public spaces, two upper floors (approx. 175,000 sq. ft.) with office uses, the Port Commission Hearing room, recreation of the lost portions of the 600 foot long nave, and restoration of the façades
  • Completed 2003
  • Learn more


James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27

James R. Herman Cruise Terminal

  • Project included demolition of Pier 27 shed, partial demolition of the Pier 29 shed, demolition of the Pier 17 Annex office building, relocation of the shoreside power equipment, new cruise terminalconstruction, installation of maritime equipment, and development of 2.5 acre Cruise Terminal Plaza
  • Completed 2014
  • Learn more


AT&T Park

AT&T Park

  • Project included construction of a new 42,000 seat ballpark. Home to the San Francisco Giants baseball team and the host to more than 80 baseball games and dozens of other events each year
  • Opened in April 2000
  • Learn more

View the RFI Responses 

Historic Port of San Francisco Piers in the News

Who should consider filling out the RFI?
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Developers
  • Not-For-Profits
  • Artists
  • Educational & Cultural Institutions
  • And others with expertise and ideas that invite the public into these facilities

View the 52 Diverse Responses 

Possible Activities & Experiences for RFI Facilities

  • Arts and culture
  • Assembly and entertainmentView the RFI Online Presentation from Wed. Aug. 22
  • Food and beverage
  • Education
  • Maritime (excursion and leisure)
  • Maker
  • Museum
  • Recreation
  • Specialty retail
  • Other ideas that invite the public into the Port's incredible Embarcadero Historic District facilities


Piers & Facilities in the RFI

Pier 35 BulkheadPier 35 Bulkhead and Shed

  • 170,000 sq. ft. of floor area
  • Adjacent to San Francisco's top tourist attraction PIER 39
  • Open water views to north and east
  • Primary pedestrian route to Fisherman's Wharf
  • 1-minute walk to E & F-line stop
  • Concepts must accomodate use as secondary cruise terminal or have a long-term implementation horizon
  • PDF icon Pier 35 structure plans


Pier 33 Bulkhead

Pier 33 Bulkhead and Shed


Pier 31 Bulkhead

Pier 31 Bulkhead and Shed


Pier 29 BulkheadPier 29 and 291/2 Bulkhead, Shed and Open-Air Inner Lot

Piers 19 and 23 BulkheadsPiers 19, 191/2, and 23 Two Bulkheads and a Large Shed


Agriculture BuildingAgriculture Building—101 The Embarcadero

Pier 26 Front

Pier 26 Embellished Front Structure and Shed


Pier 28 Front

Pier 28 Embellished Front Structure and Shed


Pier 38 Bulkhead

Pier 38 Bulkhead and Shed


Pier 40 Shed and Parking AreaPier 40 Shed and Parking Area


Pier 48 BulkheadPier 48 Two Bulkheads and Three Sheds

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Email further inquiries to Rebecca Benassini, Port Assistant Deputy Director Waterfront Development Projects, at historicpiers@sfport.com