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October 18, 2007

Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee

Meeting Summary Notes

October 18, 2007


Board Members Richard Smith, Phil Eastman, Bobby Guillory, Fred Sherman, Richard Smith, Bill Butler, David Gavrich, Frank Johnston, Pete Grossgart, Anthony Bruzzone, Roger Peters, Tom Escher

Port Staff - Peter Dailey, Jim Maloney, David Beaupre, John Davey, Denise Turner, Louise Anderson, Anita Yao, Rich Berman

Summary Notes


Jim Maloney opened the meeting by welcoming committee members and thanking them for convening this special interim meeting to complete agenda items missed due to last month's shortened meeting.

Proposition 1B funding for port security and rail tunnel project -

Jim Maloney reported the Port will apply for funding through the state Proposition 1B bond funding, however is unable to disclose details on projects for which funding is being sought.

The Port is also pursuing a grant from the Proposition 1B Trade Corridor Improvement Fund, which carves out $2 billion for trade corridor infrastructure projects. Most of this money will be designated for projects associated with the Ports of Los Angeles,Long Beach and Oakland. However, the Port of San Francisco is pushing to receive $8 million to improve the rail tunnels on the Caltrain line in San Francisco to allow for auto railcars and oversize cargoes. Mayor Newsom has written a letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) asking that they include the tunnel project in their list of funding requests to the state. The Port would like the assistance of the MCAC and other concerned parties to write letters of support for project funding as well. The Port will be required to identify matching funds for any Proposition 1B monies received.

Review goals and objectives for 2007-08 –

The group reviewed the draft 2007-08 Objectives prepared by Tom Escher, Fred Sherman and Jim Maloney. It was agreed to combine updating the Port economic impact study with an update of the future needs assessment of maritime cargo industries into one study. It was also agreed that Port Advisory Group guidelines should be added. The document was otherwise accepted as drafted. The committee agreed that the objectives should be made available at each meeting so the group can regularly review our intended goals and evaluate our progress. It was also agreed that in meeting minutes we should list who did and did not attend the meeting.

Environmental Risk Management Policy –

Rich Berman presented the group the proposed Port Environmental Risk Management Policy, which the Port Commission is currently considering for implementation. Rich explained the policy in detail along with the historical context for it. Concerns were expressed by committee members that the policy puts an unnecessary burden on port tenants. Comments were expressed that businesses should receive the interest that accrues on a deposit, and that the requirement to obtain Pollution Liability Insurance as well as provide a Letter of Credit and Environmental Oversight Deposit is duplicative. Rich agreed to draft Port responses to the comments and make them available to the MCAC for their consideration, then take these back to the Commission.

Cruise Terminal Advisory Panel update –

The panel will give their recommendation to the Port Commission on Tuesday October 23 to move forward with the Shorenstein project at Pier 27. We will discuss this project more at the next meeting.

Pier 96 Request for Proposals update –

The Pier 96 RFP is now scheduled to be completed for approval by the Port Commission at their November 13 meeting. The Port intends to solicit a broad range of proposals for this maritime site. If approved, the RFP is projected to be issued in late November with responses due most likely by the end of January.

BAE contract signing ceremony Monday, October 29 –

Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Port Commission will hold a signing ceremony to commemorate the new agreement among the City and County of San Francisco (Port), BAE Systems San Francisco Ship Repair and Princess Cruises on Monday, October 29, at 4:00 PM, at the Mayor's Office at City Hall, Room 200.

Other business –

Frank Johnston informed the group he would be retiring from the Department of Transportation at the end of the year. We understand a retirement party is in the planning stages and that we should hear more about it in the near future. Congratulations Frank!

Next regular meeting Thursday, November 15, 2007 10:00am-11:30am Pier 1 Bayside 1 Conference Room

Tentative Agenda Items for next meeting:

- Cruise Terminal Advisory Panel update – John Doll

- Presentations on San Diego Working Waterfront Group and Pasha's Port of San Diego Auto Processing Facility will be postponed to a later date due to a scheduling conflict.

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