Ferry Building Area

The Ferry BuildingThe Ferry Building Waterfront extends from the Pier 5 bulkhead building to Rincon Park near Pier 22, which is roughly between Jackson Street and Harrison Street (subarea map PDF ).

Through the removal of the freeway and redevelopment of The Embarcadero and Ferry Building, this area has emerged as a proud civic achievement. Restoring the Ferry Building to its historic role as a bustling transportation hub and elegant centerpiece of the waterfront is one of the highest priorities of the Waterfront Land Use Plan, and complements the redesigned Embarcadero corridor, which now offers light rail, vehicular access, bike lanes, a continuous pedestrian promenade, public art and landscaping.


Downtown workers, neighbors and visitors will flock to the area's new ferries, hovercraft and excursion boats, public market, conference facilities, retail establishments and other public-oriented activities. The Port has laid the groundwork for this transformation, including seismic upgrades, design studies, and funding initiatives to make the Ferry Building renovation a reality. On the waterside, construction of the Downtown Ferry Terminal project provides new berths for expanding regional ferry services.

Ferry Building Area Objectives:

  • Restore the Ferry Building as the centerpiece of the waterfront.
  • Reintegrate with Downtown and the Market Street corridor.
  • Expand and connect transportation on water and land.
  • Reestablish the area's civic importance.