Solar Panels

The Port benefits greatly from the clean, renewable hydro-electricity provided by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The Port also has a solar generating capacity of 1.8 megawatts distributed over several sites including Pier 1, Pier 15, Pier 96, AT&T Park and the EcoCenter at Heron’s Head Park -- we hope to increase this by 1 megawatt by 2021. We provide shoreside power at Pier 27 and Pier 70, which allows large ocean going vessels at berth or in drydock to run their auxiliary power from the electric grid rather than diesel engines.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are also key strategies towards a green energy future.  Natural gas is a potent source of carbon emissions, and in 2010 the Port replaced or upgraded three of its four boilers as part of an improved boiler maintenance program.   


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