Embarcadero Historic District

Recent news: The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently named the Embarcadero Historic District one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in the United States

National Register Nomination

The National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) registration form is four pages long and includes eleven sections. Sections 1 through 6 are presented in full on the registration forms in the preceding pages. Sections 7 through 11, which require more space, begin on the form and continue on continuation sheets in the following pages. Section numbers and Page numbers are identified in the header for each page. Each section starts with Page 1 and continues to the end of that section, with the subsequent section starting with its own Page 1.

The organization of the entire nomination, including the registration form, continuation sheets, and additional documentation, is presented below. The first time reader will understand the Historic District more readily by starting with Section 8, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Embarcadero Historic District. For information on the specific resources within the District, go directly to Section 7.

Introductory Materials (PDF):

  • National Register Listing
  • Port Commission Approval Resolution
  • Summary of Nomination
  • Embarcadero Historic District - Historic Preservation Review Guidelines for Pier and Bulkhead Wharf Substructures

Section 1-6 (PDF):National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Form and Guide to Users (PDF) - 4 pages

Section 7 (PDF): Description (PDF)- 210 pages

  • Description of The District, and the individual contributing, and non-contributing resources

Section 8: Statement of Significance (PDF)- 226 pages

  • Origin and development of the Embarcadero waterfront, and historical contexts and evaluations under criteria A (Government,Commerce, Transportation and Labor), B (Labor) and C(Engineering, and related areas of Architecture, and CommunityPlanning and Development)

Section 9: Major Bibliographical References (PDF) - 28 pages

Section 10: Geographical Data (PDF) - 1 page