DIRECTIONS | Driving & Parking


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Driving ─ 

From the South
HWY 101 North to I-280
EXIT: Last SF Exit “4th Street/King”
Continue on “King Street” as it becomes “Embarcadero”
RIGHT at Second Street (at the north side of Oracle Park) into South Beach Harbor Main Parking Lot, or continue approximately 300 yards along the Embarcadero then RIGHT into Pier 40 Visitor Lot

From the North/Golden Gate Bridge
HWY 101 South to Marina Blvd.
LEFT on “Bay Street”
RIGHT on “Embarcadero”
PASS under Bay Bridge 1/2 mile
LEFT on “Townsend” into Visitors Parking Lot
or continue approximately 300 yards, U-TURN at signal (2nd) IMMEDIATE RIGHT into the South Beach Harbor Main Parking

From the East Bay/Bay Bridge
HWY 80 to first left exit “Harrison/Embarcadero"
LEFT on "Harrison” to 2nd
LEFT on “2nd” to end
CROSS The Embarcadero, make an IMMEDIATE RIGHT into the South Beach Harbor Main Parking Lot or continue approximately 300 yards, RIGHT into Pier 40 Visitor Lot

Parking ─ 

All information is subject to change. For parking policies please see the back of the Parking Permit Application form.

Visitor Parking
Parking for visitors is quite limited to South Beach Harbor. There are public parking facilities in the immediate area with one of the largest lots located at Brannan and the Embarcadero. Subject to availability, South Beach Harbor visitors can park for up to one hour in designated spaces in the visitor lot on Pier 40 (at Townsend and the Embarcadero).

Without prior approval, no visitors are allowed in the permit parking lots (inside Pier 40 or in the south lot off Second and King Streets). Cars without permits in these permit parking lots are subject to towing.

Unless the berth holder arranges for Crew Parking Passes, we advise that race crew members car pool or take public transportation to the Harbor.

Harbor Tenants
Subject to availability, parking is available for tenants while at the harbor using their boats.

Harbor tenants are issued one parking permit, which is non-transferable and revocable at any time. Permits are only for Owners, pre-authorized Boat Partners and immediate family members.

Permits are to be displayed on the lower left of your vehicle's front wind shield. Alternatively, a permit may be affixed to a multiple vehicle pass and placed on the dash, as long as the ownership of the vehicles otherwise qualify for the permit. PERMITS MUST BE VISIBLE AT ALL TIMES in the permit parking lots.

Car pool or take public transportation whenever possible.

Neither South Beach Harbor nor the Port of San Francisco assume any responsibility for the safekeeping of vehicles, or any liability for theft or damage by third persons, by virtue of these parking regulations.

tel: 415.495.4911 ext 51111 | after hours: 415.608.1951 | fax: 415.512.1351