Pier 14 during high tide

The unprecedented challenge of climate change is global, without boundaries and with the broadest of implications. Changes in temperature, precipitation and ocean acidity are placing stresses on ecosystems of all scales. Sea level rise is well-documented and we at the Port understand this with special clarity through our unique role in maintaining the Northern Seawall — a three-mile wall of protective infastructure that runs from Fisherman's Wharf to Mission Creek. It demands our very best effort to manage the greenhouse gas emissions, to secure capital for infastructure and to develop alternative strategies to managing our finger piers and development overall. 

Like all City departments, the Port of San Francisco maintains a climate action plan. These plans establish baseline carbon emissions and identify opportunities to reduce these emissions. The Port was named the City's first Climate Champion for its efforts to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but there is much more work to do and we must act quickly. 



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