Blue Greenway Planning Process

Based upon the efforts of the Port and as a result of the Mayor Newsom's 2006 Blue Greenway Task Force, the Port of San Francisco identified significant Blue Greenway improvements opportunities along the Southern Waterfront as a component of the City's 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond. In order to facilitate the expenditures of this General Obligation (GO) Bond measure, the Port agreed with the GO Bond Planning Committee to conduct a community planning process for the Blue Greenway that will:

  • Define open space opportunities including programming (where & how parks could be used);
  • Develop design guidelines to provide continuity and cohesiveness throughout the system of open spaces and the connections between them (identify consistent site furnishings, signage, interpretation, art) ; and
  • Develop project prioritization for the improvements based upon available funds, including sources other than the Port. (recognizing that the GO Bond funding will not cover all potential improvements)

The planning process and scope of work will produce Blue Greenway Planning and Design Guidelines. These Guidelines define project and design parameters to provide direction for scoping and developing detailed construction plans to implement new Blue Greenway improvement projects.