Bayview Gateway

Proposed Development

 Third and Cargo Gateway Site Opportunities

Location: Site is bounded by Third Street, Cargo Way, Illinois Street and the Illinois Street Bridge Approach, and Amador Street

Size: Total area is 54,393 square feet.

Improvements: After the Bayview Hunter's Point Community designated the site as an Art Center Gateway, during the Bay View Hunter's Point Redevelopment Planning project, Hanson Aggregates paid for landscaping at the southeast corner of the site, which includes an art installation. The remainder of the site is paved.

Existing Use: Site is bisected by an active rail-line. The site is traversed by at least two Union Pacific rail trains daily; one coming in, and one coming out. The driveway located on Amador Street is also used by the Fire Department to access their station.

Land Use Restrictions: The site is zoned M-2 for Heavy Industrial, and was included in the original Tidelands Grant. Therefore, any long-term uses at the site must comply with the Public Trust. Non-trust uses can only occur on an interim bases (a lease term not to extend longer than five years).

Previous Use: The site area was formerly used as a weight station and for storage, a small scale house structure remains at the site, as well as a suppressed weighing system for trucks which is located in front of the scale house along Amador Street. The historic status of the scale house is unknown and requires further research.

Environmental Conditions: The site is located on fill. Based on historic information on the area, the former Pier 90 Fuel Terminal was adjacent to the site. Therefore, any new buildings or improvements at the site may need to be removed for the pending site investigation related to the Pier 90 Fuel Terminal.

Adjacent Uses: To the north, the site is boarded by an active Fire Department operation housed in an historic building. The site is also located at the northern entryway to the Port's maritime complex. The Port tenants in this area are concentrated in the building and construction industry. The site is bordered on its north side by a failing wharf area that is fenced off. Across the street from the site, on Third Street, are commercial and industrial businesses (printing shops and food distribution businesses) in low warehouse buildings.

Access: Recent improvements in the site area have improved access to the site by public transit and bike. There are two Muni T-Line stops in close proximity to the site. These stops are located at Third and Evans, and Third and Marin. Both stops are roughly a quarter of a mile from the site. There is also a bike facility on Illinois Street Bridge. The site only has one driveway which is located along Amador Street. There is no vehicle access from Illinois or Third Streets.

Site Study

Bayview Gateway Concept Plan 2012 May