Port of San Francisco Holds Emergency Exercise

Port of San Francisco Holds Full-Scale Earthquake Emergency Exercise Simulating a Regional Disaster 

Full-Scale Exercise Collage

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (June 4, 2015) – Today, the Port of San Francisco is holding a Full-Scale Emergency Exercise (FSE) designed to test the Port’s plans and capabilities in response to a simulated regional disaster. More than 150 people are participating in the all-day exercise that is taking place at Pier 1 on The Embarcadero and at the Hyde Street Harbor in Fisherman’s Wharf. 

The exercise scenario simulates a catastrophic 7.8 earthquake on the San Andres Fault causing severe and wide-ranging impacts to the Port, the City, and the region. As a result, exercise participants are working to overcome challenges related to operational coordination, communications, resource availability and structural assessments of Port properties in order to prioritize activities and address competing needs. 

The simulated exercise is limited to Port facilities, but includes participation from multiple government agencies such as the City’s Department of Emergency Management, the SFFD Fire Boat, the SFPD Marine Unit, SF Public Works, Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission, the United States Coast Guard, the California Office of Spill Prevention, California Office of Emergency Services and the San Francisco Water Emergency Transportation Authority. 

Activities also include a full activation of the Port’s Department Operations Center as well as full-scale response activities related to: 

  • A simulated fuel spill at the Hyde Street Harbor 
  • Structural assessments including building and under-pier inspections 
  • Crowd management strategies in response to simulated evacuation of crowds in the vicinity of the Downtown Ferry Terminal, behind the Ferry Building. 

The Port’s emergency exercise serves as a reminder to local citizens to be prepared for an actual disaster by following recommendations at SF72.Org: http://www.sf72.org/home 

The Port of San Francisco is an enterprise agency of the City and County of San Francisco that manages a broad range of maritime, commercial, and public-access facilities along 7½ miles of the City’s waterfront that are held in public trust for the people of California. 

Media Contacts: 
Renée Martin, Public Relations Manager, 415-274-0488, renee.martin@sfport.com 
Diana Vanderburg, Emergency Operations Planner, 415-274-0430, diana.r.vanderburg@sfport.com