Dreamforce Conference Cruise Ship Charter Talking Points


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Port of San Francisco Talking Points

Regarding report of Salesforce chartering a cruise ship
to provide hotel space for attendees to the Dreamforce Conference in September 2015

 • The cruise ship Celebrity Infinity has been chartered to provide hotel space for conference attendees who otherwise would not be able to find hotel rooms in San Francisco during Salesforce’s Dreamforce annual convention in September 2015. There were 135,000 registered attendees for this convention in 2014, and hotel rooms in San Francisco were at a premium.

• The cruise ship is scheduled to sail into San Francisco on September 13, and upon arrival will disembark approximately 2,000 cruise passengers ending a voyage. From September 14-18, approximately 2,000 Dreamforce attendees will utilize the ship as a hotel. Once the hotel guests depart on September 18, the ship will embark another 2,000 cruise passengers and sail from San Francisco on a regularly scheduled voyage.

• The Port of San Francisco will earn approximately $300,000 for the visit. Additional revenues will be generated from stevedore operations, security, stores loading and baggage handling, utilizing International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) workers.

• There will be work for ILWU line-handlers (10 jobs total), gearmen (10 jobs daily), and guards (10 jobs daily). In addition, the ship is expected to load provisions twice while in San Francisco, probably on the first day and last day of the ship call, which would mean more ILWU jobs.

• The ship will berth at the James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27. The cruise line expects to hire numerous local tour and bus companies to provide service to the ship’s guests during the charter.

• It is common for cruise ships to serve as supplemental hotels when hotel rooms in a region are scarce. Examples include: New York City and Jacksonville, Florida, when hosting Super Bowls (2014 and 2005); New Orleans and Boston during recent large technology and medical conventions when the demand for hotels outstripped the supply.

• Workers aboard the Celebrity Infinity are represented by the Federazione Italiana Trasporti seafarers’ union (FIT-CISL, International Department, Italy). There are few non-traditional positions on board, such as entertainers and concessionaires, but Celebrity Cruises provides the same benefits to all crew members.


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