Protecting our air quality is essential. It is the air we breathe, that we share with our neighbors, our tenants, our community and visitors, and our wildlife.  With each vehicle purchase the Port transforms its fleet by turning to electric and hybrid passenger vehicles, and alternative fuels such as renewable diesel for heavy trucks and equipment.  San Francisco is a transit-first city and the Port encourages the use of alternate modes of transportation for working and commuting.  In our most recent survey, more than 75% of Port employees commuted to work by a sustainable form of transportation, such as walking, bicycling and using public transit. 

At Pier 27 and Pier 70 the Port provides shoreside power for large ocean going vessels at berth or in drydock. This allows ships to operate their auxiliary power from the electric grid, which eliminates particulate emissions from the diesel engines. These and related air quality improvement efforts have substantially reduced emissions from Maritime operations at the Port over the past 10 years.



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