Southern Waterfront Planning

Southern Waterfront Map . Click for larger version.The Port of San Francisco owns and manages about 370 acres of property in the Southern Waterfront, most of which is designated for existing or future expanded maritime uses. The primary centers within the Southern Waterfront are Pier 70, home of the ship repair industry, and the Pier 80-96 maritime complex, made up of various marine terminals, transportation and support areas for container and non-container cargo shipping. The Pier 90-94 Backlands is included within the Pier 80-96 maritime terminal complex, located upland from the Port's cargo terminals on the south side of Islais Creek.


There are many economic, environmental, land use and community concerns that give rise to the need for planning in the Pier 70 and Pier 90-94 Backlands areas. A community planning process was recently completed for the Pier 90-94 Backlands, and a similar public process is proposed to comprehensively plan the Pier 70 area. The planning work for these two areas face similar challenges with the need to address:

  1. Future maritime industry needs (ship repair at Pier 70; cargo shipping at Pier 80-96);
  2. Negative community perception and impacts from deteriorated or unimproved conditions now within each area;
  3. Regulatory and public trust restrictions on Port lands that constrain revenue-generating uses;
  4. How the public benefits within each area, (waterfront public access and open space, historic preservation, economic and employment opportunities) can be achieved
  5. Economic requirements of redeveloping brownfields with aging or minimal infrastructure;

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