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On February 24, 2009, the Port Commission awarded the development opportunity for Seawall Lot 351 (SWL 351) at the intersection of The Embarcadero and Washington Street to San Francisco Waterfront Partners II (SFWP ) pursuant to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in 2008.

The Port's goals for the site include providing uses that energize the waterfront, high quality design, and visitor parking for the Ferry Building. Given the Port's limited financial resources, the RFP called for the project to be undertaken with private funds and for the Port to receive significant rental income from its land.


The Port Commission found that the SFWP proposal responded to the development objectives in the RFP and directed staff to enter into negotiations with SFWP to refine the project. At the same meeting, the Commission directed staff and SWFP to support and participate in a community planning process led by the San Francisco Planning Department, as recommended in the February 19, 2009 letter from Supervisor David Chiu, to develop community consensus for a development program and design for a project on SWL 351 and the adjoining site.

Supervisor David Chiu February 19, 2009 Letter

Summary of Exclusive Negotiation Agreement



Northeast Embarcadero Study


At the request of Supervisor Chiu, the Planning Department is conducting a study of the Port properties on the west side of The Embarcadero between Washington and North Point streets that are currently being used as parking lots. The study will result in design guidelines and plans for improving the public realm. Please go to the Planning Department's project website for more information and to sign up to receive further updates.


SFWP Proposal


SWL 351 is contiguous with privately owned the Golden Gate Tennis and Swim Club site which San Francisco Waterfront Partners II has an option to purchase. In their proposal to the Port, SFWP suggests combining these two sites so that the entire block bounded by The Embarcadero, Washington and Drumm Streets would be developed as one 3.2 acre project named 8 Washington Street.

The Developer proposes an 8 story condominium building of 84 in height and containing approximately 70-85 residential condominiums as well as ground floor restaurants and retail spaces on the southern portion of SWL 351. A 48' wide portion of SWL 351 will be opened up as part of a new public open space, the Jackson Street Commons. The final portion of SWL 351 has a one story health club building with roof top pools.

Portions of the two buildings will extend on to the adjacent site. An additional residential condominium building (also containing 70-85 residential condominiums), underground residential parking, a rebuilt tennis and swim Club with 4 outdoor courts and 12,000 square feet of fitness center, and public open space are proposed for this privately owned site. An underground public parking garage with 90 to 250 parking spaces available for waterfront visitors is proposed under the combined site.

The links below provide the proposal as submitted:

Executive Summary (PDF)

Development Concept (PDF)

Architectural Drawings (PDF)

Developer Qualifications (PDFs

Trust Swap Map (PDF)

SWL 351 is on the Embarcadero Roadway at the corner of Washington Street just north of the Ferry Building. The 27,937 square foot parcel, which is nearly triangular in shape, has a 358-foot frontage on the Embarcadero Roadway with a mere 26-foot frontage on Washington Street.

This site is currently used as a surface parking lot. Historically it was part of the greater Embarcadero Roadway/Beltway Rail line right of ways. It is a "seawall lot" as it was created by fill in the 1850s and buttressed by construction of the "Old Seawall" in 1867. That Seawall was superseded by the "New Seawall" forming the Embarcadero which was completed in 1916.

In late 2007, the Port received a proposal from San Francisco Waterfront Partners, a real estate developer with an option to purchase the adjacent 2.2 acre Golden Gateway Swim and Tennis Club Site, to lease SWL 351 and create a combined mixed use project.

As the Port staff reviewed this proposal, it determined that SWL 351, as a prime waterfront site, can be developed independently and recommended to the Port Commission that it is in the best interest of the Port to offer the site for development through a competitive process.

On August 13, 2008, the Port of San Francisco issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking private sector development proposals for Seawall Lot 351 on The Embarcadero at Washington Street. Responses were due on October 30, 2008 which unfortunately coincided with severe financial uncertainty worldwide. On November 5, 2008, the Port terminated the August 2008 RFP process. On November 10, 2008, a new RFP was issued with responses due on December 19, 2008.

Aerial 1 of SWL 351, tennis courts

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April 14, 2008 Public Meeting Materials

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