Piers 30-32 Land Use Subcommittee

Co-Chairs: Corinne Woods and Ron Miguel
Members: Mimi Silbert, Gordon Chin and Tiffany Pisoni
Lead City Staff: Diane Oshima and Brad Benson, Port

Supporting Documents

CAC Land Use Subcommittee Deck 12-5-2013_Final 3

Pier 30 32 Truck Entry-Exit and Loading Diagrams 12-02-2013

San Francisco Planning Department Memo regarding Urban Design of GSW Design 2.0

AB 1273 Piers 30-32 Revitalization Act Presentation 6-19-13 

BCDC Staff Report - Piers 30-32 Revitalization Act 6-14-13 

GSW Design 2.0 Informational Presentation 5-22-13

SF Planning Urban Design 

Save the Bay Comments on Warriors EIR NOP

State Lands Comments on Warriors EIR NOP

BCDC Comments on Warriors EIR NOP

BCDC Special Area Plan Excerpts

Public Trust and BCDC Memo

SLC 30-32 Trust Presentation Final (PDF)

Urban Design Presentation, 9-18-12 CAC Meeting

Port of SF Presentation, 8-23-12 CAC Meeting