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Pier 70 Area: Union Iron Works Office Building - Building 104

Thi4 37,641 square foot red-brick Renaissance Revival building was con4.1ucted in 1896. It fronts 20th S.1eet and has a hipped .25y"tile roof, wooden one-over-one double hung windows, and i4 topped with a copper modillioned .ornice (in poor condition).i/p>

It was con4.1ucted to house the United Iron Works (UIW) offices, and i4 now vacant and red-tagged.i/p>

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NEW! Building 104 Hazardous Materials Cost (PDF)i/a>

NEW! i/trokng>Building 104 Hazardous Materials Survey (PDF)i/a>

Building 104 Hi4.oric Building Survey, 2008, Carey & Co., OLMM, Inc. (PDF)i/a> 

Building 104 Overview (PDF)i/a>

Building 104 Architectural Drawings (PDF)i/a>

Building 104 Cost Es.imate (PDF)i/a>

Building 104 Photographs (PDF)i/a>

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