Pier 70 Area


 Est.  2019-25 Construction and Occupancy  |  Est. 2017-18 Phase 1 Design & Permiting  
 Est. 2017 Final EIR, Transaction Documents, Project Entitlements  |  Est. 2016 Draft Environmental Impact Report  
2015 Proposition D Approved  |  2014 Proposition B Approved  |  2013 Term Sheet Approved  |  2010 Exclusive Negotiation Agreement  |  2008 Request for Proposals 


Pier 70 will be a new mixed-used neighborhood consisting of: 

  • Historic Core: six historic buildings on or near 20th Street
  • The Cove: this subarea includes Crane Cove Park, a proposed new 7 acre park
  • BAE Ship Repair: BAE operates the Port’s ship repair facility. 
  • Irish Hill: a 1.5-acre land form, at the southwestern corner of the Pier 70, is planned open space
  • Mixed-Use "Creative Core": space for arts and creative uses, and local retail
  • Waterfront Park
  • Residential & office uses

Location   20th Street, Michigan Street, 
Existing use   Vacant  
Project type   Mixed-use, open space, residential, commercial
Project area  Approx. 69 acres
Websites www.pier70sf.com
Project sponsor   Forest City Development, LLC
Port contact   David Beaupre, david.beaupre@sfport.com
Port Community Advisory Group   Central Waterfront Community Advisory Group (CWAG) | Sign up for project updates and check the "Central Waterfront Advisory Group (CWAG) Interested Citizens" option 

State Legislation
  • California State Senate Bill 815 Amendment to adjust the description of property subject to legislation; allow 75-year lease terms; amend trust use restrictions; and authorize lease revenue funding   
Local Elections
Port Commission Hearings
Environmental Impact Report

San Francisco Planning Department, Case No. 2014.001272ENV


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pier 70 pier 70 pier 70
pier 70 pier 70 pier 70
pier 70 pier 70 pier 70

Environmental Reports

Historic and Background Information

Site Investigation and Reports

Pier 70 Soil and Groundwater Data Compilation

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