Pier 43 Promenade

Pier 43 Promenade Sketch

The Pier 43 Promenade Bay Trail project extends The Embarcadero Promenade from Powell Street to Taylor Street, 880 feet into the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf. The Pier 43 Promenade serves as a pedestrian connection between Pier 39 and the historic Taylor Street crab sellers. The Promenade features views of the Bay, the historic Pier 43 Ferry Arch and Alcatraz Island, and provides seating for hundreds. The project removed most of the pre-existing Pier 43½ (most recently used for parking) and necessitated the repair and reconstruction about 400 feet of shoreline at the 110-year old seawall. The project also included the construction of a pedestrian promenade over the water and other sidewalk improvements between Mason and Taylor Streets.

Completed Fall 2012


Project Planner:
Dan Hodapp, dan.hodapp@sfport.com

Engineering Project Manager:
Steven Reel, steven.reel@sfport.com

>>> Project Design Concept / Drawings (PDF) <<<