Pier 38 Rehabilitation

Pier 38

Pier 38 is located on the Embarcadero near Delancey Street. Pier 38 is currently vacant. The Port has undertaken efforts to repair and re-tenant Pier 38.

The Pier 38 development objectives include:

  • Develop a competitive selection process to solicit a develop entity
  • Quickly repair and re-tenant the Pier 38 bulkhead building
  • Generate economic activity to the South Beach area
  • Allow the opportunity for re-occupancy of former high-technology office tenants as well as encourage other uses permitted in the Waterfront Land Plan
  • Allow a development entity to submit qualifications for possible redevelopment of the entire Pier 38 pier shed.

Staff Reports

December 6, 2013: Request approval to award the development opportunity described in the Request for Proposals for the Pier 38 Bulkhead Building Rehabilitation Project to TMG Pier 38 Partners, LLC and authorize staff to initiate lease negotiations for the bulkhead building rehabilitation project at Pier 38, located at Delancey Street and The Embarcadero. (Resolution No. 13-51)
    Attachment 1 - Exhibit 6: BAE Memo Pier 38 Developer Submittal Evaluation
    Attachment 2 - Exhibit 7: BAE Memo Pier 38 Financial Feasibility Scenarios

June 11, 2013: Informational presentation introducing the respondents to the Request for Proposals for the Pier 38 Bulkhead Rehabilitation project, located at Delancey Street and The Embarcadero.
    Attachment 1 - Pier 38 Partners, LLC Proposal Summary
    Attachment 2 - SF Pacific Waterfront Partners, LLC Proposal Summary       

September 25, 2012: Request Authorization to Issue a Request for Proposals to Rehabilitate and Re-Tenant the Pier 38 Bulkhead Building located at Delancey Street and The Embarcadero

September 11, 2012: Informational Presentation on the Request for Proposals ("RFP") for a Master Tenant Opportunity at Pier 38 (located at Delancey Street and The Embarcadero)

January 20, 2012: Information Update on Engineering Investigation to Bring Pier 38 into Code Compliance

October 25, 2011: Informational Update on Status of Pier 38 Closure and Next Steps

Request For Proposals ("RFP")

The Pier 38 seismic evaluation and concept retrofit report provides the following information: 1) structural assessment of Pier 38, including the shed and bulkhead superstructures and substructures, respectively; and 2) description of two alternate retrofit schemes both requiring seismic upgrades for all superstructures and substructures, including cost estimates for the two alternate retrofit schemes and repair for the Pier 38 substructure.

This assessment and retrofit schemes are conceptual, but provide additional information for your own evaluation. It should not impact the effort to repair and re-tenant the bulkhead building, as defined the Pier 38 RFP.

Attachments A and B are yet not attached.  These will be sent when this information becomes available.

To allow bidders to review and analyze this report, the Port will delay submissions to the Pier 38 RFP. The new submittal date is now COB March 25, 2013.

Please click on the attachments below to view the Pier 38 seismic evaluation and concept retrofit report with corresponding exhibits and attachments: 
    Per 38 Report and Exhibits_A-G.zip
    Pier 38 Report Attachments_A-D.zip


On September 25, 2012, the Port Commission authorized Port staff to issue an RFP to rehabilitate and re-tenant the Pier 38 bulkhead building as quickly as feasible. On November 16, this RFP was issued.

The links for the full RFP document and individual attachments are found below:

Pier 38 Bulkhead Rehabilitation Project RFP (PDF) - Full Document

1. Pier 38 RFP & Location Map (PDF) 
2. Pier 38 Building Code Compliance and Occupancy Study: Appendix B (PDF)
3. Individual Staff Reports - See below for links
4. Pier 38 Construction Documents (PDF)

Supporting Information & Documents:

Please click the following link for more information regarding the South Beach/China Basin Waterfront Land Use Plan.


John Doll, Development Project Manager: John.doll@sfport.com