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The Port of San Francisco is an enterprise agency of the City and County of San Francisco and is governed by a Commission of five members appointed by the Mayor. The Commission is responsible for overseeing a broad range of waterfront commercial, maritime, and public access facilities that are held in public trust for the people of California. The Port’s jurisdiction covers approximately 7.5 miles of waterfront land from Pier 98, near Hunter’s Point in the southern part of San Francisco, to Fisherman’s Wharf in the northern part of the City. The Port’s diverse business portfolio includes over 550 ground, commercial, retail, office, industrial and maritime industrial leases including cargo shipping, ship repair, excursion boats, ferry boats, fishing and fish processing/distribution, tourism, filming, harbor services, and cruise-shipping. 

Current Openings (as of September 13, 2016)

Special Events Coordinator
Operations Division

Under general direction of the Port Property Manager, the Special Events Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of scheduling, licensing, regulatory approvals and required permits for conducting Special Events on Port property.

The essential duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Processing applications from event sponsors
  • Preparing contracts or standard form licenses for event use and ensuring timely collection of all required fees, security deposits permits, and certificate of insurance.
  • Responding to requests regarding facilities, procedures, fees and policies.
  • Developing marketing strategy and tools to highlight Port facilities as a prime and accessible event option.
  • Acting as the liaison to other city departments including the SF Police, Fire, Municipal Transportation Agency, the Entertainment Commission, Dept. of Public Health, Dept. of Emergency Management, California Alcohol Beverage Commission, state regulatory agencies and other external stakeholders.
  • Working with Maintenance to prepare facilities for special events; responding to complaints regarding the facilities, noise, traffic, trash etc.
  • Preparing various reports by facility and event; updating Upcoming Special Events on the Port’s website and informing Port employees and Port tenants of street closures.
  • Performing other related duties as assigned. 
9922 Public Service Aid
Real Estate Division

The Port of San Francisco is seeking a student intern to work in the Real Estate Division to support its Street Performer Program. Selected intern will be expected to work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and up to full-time (40 hours per week) for approximately 10-12 weeks during the summer. Exact dates will depend upon college schedule.

The Port of San Francisco welcomes Street Musicians and Street Performers to Fisherman’s Wharf.  Live performances make a positive contribution to the culture and ambience of the Wharf. The Fisherman’s Wharf Street Performer Program covers the Port’s public access areas between Powell Street to Hyde Street and from the southern side of the Jefferson Street sidewalk to the Embarcadero and the Bay. The purpose of this Program is to manage the time, place, and manner of use of the designated performance locations. The guidelines are set to ensure fair and equitable access for all performers while not interfering with the safe day-to-day operation of the Wharf.

5620 Regulatory Specialist
Real Estate Division

Under the direction and supervision of the Utility Specialist, the Regulatory Specialist is responsible for implementation of Port’s Storm Water Management Program, including the following program elements specified by the state-wide permit for municipal storm water discharges: public education and participation, illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction site storm water runoff inspection and control pollution prevention, post-construction stormwater management. Includes data collection and synthesis, and preparation of 5-year program report.

5382 Student Information Systems Trainee
Finance and Administration Division

The Port of San Francisco is seeking a student intern to work in its IT Systems & Network Operations group.  Selected intern will be expected to work 10-20 hours per week during the school year and up to full-time (40 hours per week) for approximately 10-12 weeks during the summer. Exact dates will depend upon college schedule. The Student Information Systems Trainee will provide primary assistance to Port’s IT Systems & Network Operations Engineers

This position will work exclusively with the Port’s Lead IS Business Analyst, Technical Lead, and Customer Liaison, along with the Port’s selected transition partner to assist the Port in its transition from the Port’s payroll and time entry applications to the City and County of San Francisco’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 system (“eMerge”), which encompasses PeopleSoft HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Time and Labor.

In addition to supporting all elements of the eMerge transition project, this position will be used to provide short-term maintenance and support of the Port’s Oracle E-Business Suite 11i (EBS) ERP system and associated environments, with an emphasis on the Oracle Enterprise Asset management (eAM) – related modules (eAM, Inventory, Purchasing, iProcurement, Workflow), and a secondary emphasis on Financials (AP, AR, FA, and GL). The tasks are both technical and functional in nature, which include organizational setup and administration, reporting and costing, asset modeling, work management, resource management, time entry, maintenance planning and scheduling, preventive maintenance, etc.

This position will also work exclusively with the Port’s Lead IS Business Analyst, Technical Lead, and Customer Liaison, along with the Port’s selected transition partner to assist the Port in its transition to F$P. The tasks for this project position are both technical and functional in nature.

9346 Fusion Welder
Maintenance Division

Under general direction the Fusion Welder performs skilled journey-level welding to repair and maintain various property structures. The essential functions of this position include: brazing, cutting and burning to repair and fabricate metal parts and equipment in order to maintain boilers, pile-drivers, cranes, structural members, superstructure, infrastructure and heavy construction equipment.

According to Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the duties specified below are representative of the range of duties assigned to this job code/class and are not intended to be an inclusive list.

  1. Welds, brazes and cuts all types of metals by using different types of welding equipment and rods to fabricate new, or repair/ build worn/ broken equipment.
  2. Lays-out, cuts and welds metals for boilers, etc., based on blueprints, by selecting and using the appropriate materials, welding equipment and welding method to repair and maintain maintenance equipment, vehicles, structural members, superstructure and infrastructure.
  3. Repairs and replaces to superstructure, infrastructure and heavy construction equipment by fabricating, installing, burning and welding cuts by torch or shear, fits and welds to complete the units by application of stick, TIG, MIG, oxyacetylene, brazing and soldering.
  4. Fabricates hand rails, ladders and walkways by laying out material, cutting by torch or shear, fitting and welding to insure safe conditions for operating and working on cranes, piers and buildings.
  5. Repairs breaks and cracks by arc gauging and re-welding in order to maintain and keep cranes, heavy construction equipment, train and crane tracks in operational condition.
  6. Inspects materials and equipment by checking for cracks or other marks indicating damage or wear, visually and by using magna flux and die check equipment in order to prevent failure equipment.
  7. Details shop drawings in order to document characteristics of damage or failures.
Mayor's Senior Fellow
Financing Seawall Fortifications to Protect San Francisco

Beginning September 2016, the Port will bring onboard a FUSE Fellow to participate in the fortification of San Francisco's Great Seawall. The fellow will begin this project by developing an understanding of the history of the Seawall, the fiscal and regulatory framework of the Port, and current regional partnerships and financing tools. With this background of information, the Fellow will begin developing specific recommendations and timelines for developing and implementing legislation and building regional partnerships.

The Fellow will also work with key stakeholders to define a regulatory approval path for waterside life safety improvements, which may require changes to legislation and/or regulatory plans. Working with partners such as the Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and Regional Water Quality Control Board, the Fellow will develop a strategy for efficient project review to enable the Seawall Resiliency Program to construct its most important and immediate improvements. 

Port Director
Executive Division

The Port Executive Director is responsible for directing activities of Port staff engaged in administrative functions; fiscal activities; governmental relations and public relations; economic development and planning; port security and safety; environmental compliance and regulation; engineering; inspection of Port properties; contracting for goods and services; business development and marketing; promotion, development, rental and leasing of Port property; repair and maintenance of Port facilities and substructures; and staffing and personnel operations. Requires a bachelor’s degree. At least five years’ experience managing a government agency, public policy organization or a similarly complex company is desired. Candidates should have a strong background in personnel management, finance, and/or real estate development. Experience working with maritime and cruise operations is a plus. Experience working with unions is preferred. National and international candidates from the private and public sector will be considered. Prior port experience is helpful but not required. 

Apply on-line by Friday, July 29, 2016 at For questions, contact Sherrill Uyeda or Cindy Krebs or call (562) 901-0769. EEO/ADA

Under the direction and supervision of the Piledriver Supervisor, the Piledriver Engine Operator operates and maintains barge mounted and mobile land based cranes that support piledriving operations. This position may work independently or as part of a piledriving crew. As a member of a piledriving crew may perform a variety of work in the repair and construction of piers, wharves and related substructures and may be required to participate in placing, driving and capping pile, laying stringers and decking, framing timbers, demolition and removal of decayed or damaged structural or non-structural members.

This position also performs preventive and corrective maintenance of cranes and piledriving equipment; fuels cranes; conducts pre and post operational checks of the entire crane system; participates in the inspection and certification of cranes and auxiliary equipment; and other related duties as required. The nature of the work may require operating cranes under adverse weather conditions.


In addition to competitive salaries, the Port of San Francisco offers flexible benefit plans with pre-tax elections that include:

»» Medical and dental insurance;
»» Vision care plan;
»» Flexible spending account;
»» Retirement plan;
»» Deferred compensation plan;
»» Long-term disability plan;
»» Management Training Fund;
»» 11 paid holidays per year;
»» Floating holidays;
»» 10 to 20 vacation days per year depending on years of service;
»» 5 days of paid executive leave per year;
»» Up to 100 hours paid administrative leave per year;
»» 13 sick leave days per year; and
»» Credit Union.


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