James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27

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Plaza 2


San Francisco's
James R. Herman
Cruise Terminal
opened to great fanfare
on September 25, 2014



Tides of Change: 
The Story of the
James R. Herman


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On September 25, 2014 the ribbon was cut on the Port of San Francisco’s new James R. Herman Cruise Terminal at Pier 27. The Cruise Terminal boasts 91,000 square feet in a two-story building with views to the Bay Bridge and back to the City skyline and Telegraph Hill. Sized for 2,600 passengers and able to handle ships with up to 4,000, the Terminal is built for the evolving trends in the passenger cruise industry. It includes the latest passenger and perimeter security features while also easily transitioning to an event center for the City on non-cruise days. The Terminal features computerized access control and security monitoring systems, vessel data connectivity to terminal network systems, and hardwired and wireless operating networks.

Circulation for passenger drop-off, taxis, buses and provisioning all occur off the Embarcadero Roadway within the interior of the 13 acre pier. Passengers board ships via a new automated mobile gangway able to meet the varied door heights of new cruise ships. When in berth, ships can plug into the Port’s 12 megawatt shore power system to receive the cleanest source of power.

On non-cruise days the Terminal quickly converts to the City’s newest and most spectacular event center. Interior spaces can support a variety of events with flexibly designed spaces and dividers, stackable furnishings, mobile check-in booths and security screening equipment, shared AV resource hubs, and multiple entrance lobbies for simultaneous event use.