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Bayview Rise

Pier 92 Grain Silo Art Project

Water side Art Silos Pier 90 92

Art Silos Pier 90 92

Closeup Art Silos Pier 90 92

Join us for the lighting ceremony on February 26, 2014 at 5:30pm!

Artists: Haddad | Drugan

Bayview Rise is an illuminated animated mural located at the Port of San Francisco’s Pier 92 grain silos on Islais Creek. The project weaves together iconic imagery reflecting the Bayview neighborhood’s changing economy, ecology, and community. Its large-scale graphics will make its primary images visible from a distance, while views up close will reveal the abstract patterns from which those images are composed. In the night sky, the imagery is animated with lighting effects to allow viewers to enjoy the work throughout the day. The artwork is conceived as a gateway into Bayview Hunters Point and will be visible and changing from day to night.

Bayview Rise Viewfinder (Experimental)

An interactive map that combines a physical viewshed of the Bayview Rise mural with geotagged photos from Flickr. Find a new view, add your own!

(Click to launch - opens in new window)

Bayview Rise is one element in a series of Blue Greenway projects the Port is investing in that benefits the adjacent neighborhoods, City and Region. This and other Blue Greenway projects are unique opportunities to enhance the Port’s portfolio, especially in its most industrial areas. The Port is proud to be able to move forward with public benefits which enrich and customize areas of the waterfront where the Port has neither a paying tenants nor a development partner.

For more information contact: David Beaupre at david.beaupre@sfport.com

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