Ferry Building Area Planning

In 2003, the Port completed Phase 1 of the Downtown Ferry Terminal Project, which added two new ferry landings, created a PortWalk public access walkway that was designed and integrated with the historic rehabilitation of the Ferry Building, removed part of Pier ½, and constructed a new breakwater. Further planning work is needed to address how the Ferry Plaza (surrounded by the Ferry Building, Golden Gate Ferry Terminal and World Trade Club), and parking and transportation access serving the Ferry Building Area can be improved. This planning effort also must take into account and be coordinated with other major long-term improvements that will directly impact this area: 1) the seismic upgrade of the BART transbay tube facility; and 2) Bay Area Water Transit Authority (WTA) plans to significantly expand ferry hub services at the Ferry Building necessary to creating a Bay Area regional ferry network. This planning will also include consideration of public-private partnership development opportunities involving the Agricultural Building (south of the Ferry Building), Seawall Lot 351 (at Washington Street and The Embarcadero), and Seawall Lot 3475 (at Howard Street and The Embarcadero).

To supplement staff resources and recruit specific types of professional services, the Port will be working with the WTA and Golden Gate Ferry to optimize expenditure of available grants and coordinate shared information. This will enhance efforts to coordinate and use consistent analysis and information in the efforts of each entity to improve facilities and service in the Ferry Building area.