Embarcadero Parking and Transportation

The Port's Planning staff also works on transportation planning and management efforts to facilitate and support a mix of transportation systems serving the waterfront. While the Port does not have direct authority, staff efforts are focused on finding ways for the various City transportation departments such as Muni, Public Works, Parking & Traffic, and the County Transportation Authority to work effectively together to address current and future transportation needs.

Embarcadero Parking and Transportation Study
The Port has recently completed an informational report, Embarcadero Parking and Transportation Study (PDF) in response to many citizen questions and concerns about the adequacy and appropriateness of providing public parking in the Embarcadero corridor and adjacent districts and neighborhoods. The report provides current and potential future parking demand information to foster further, larger public discussions about how the various City transportation agencies should coordinate a coherent set of priorities and actions to reduce traffic congestion; increase public transit service; and recognize legitimate parking needs. The scope of the Port's study extends along the Embarcadero corridor, from China Basin Channel to Pier 35, near the intersection at Bay Street.

In a related, but independent effort, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority has issued a similar type of study entitled Strategic Analysis Report on Northeast Waterfront Transportation Issues, focusing on the Embarcadero/Northeast Waterfront between the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf. This report is available for public review and comment. For further information about this study and public review process, contact Billy Charlton of the SFCTA staff at (415) 522-4800.