Community Advisory Groups

In San Francisco, successful outcomes are founded on open dialog and diverse partnerships with the many people, organizations and agencies that share a deep interest in improving the Port waterfront for the public. The Port has set up several Advisory Committees made up of community stakeholders for all areas along the waterfront, with defined roles, responsibilities and protocols. The Advisory Committees meet regularly and provide a public forum for interested citizens to participate. All meetings are open to the public, and you can make a request to receive meeting notices via email by contacting the Port staff member listed for the Advisory Committee of interest.

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Waterfront Plan Working Group

Waterfront Plan Working Group
Lead staff: Diane Oshima

Port public process to update its Master Pan, the Waterfront Land Use Plan. More details available here.

Fisherman's Wharf Waterfront Advisory Group

Aquatic Park through Pier 39
Lead staff: Rip Malloy

Northeast Waterfront Advisory Group

Pier 35 through Agriculture Building
Lead staff: Norma Guzman

Central Waterfront Advisory Group 

China Basin through 26th Street
Lead staff: Mark Paez, David Beaupre

Southern Waterfront Advisory Committee

Western Pacific/Pier 80 through India Basin
Lead staff: Kanya Dorland, David Beaupre

Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee

Composed of  enterprises, entrepreneurs, and the employed, it supports, advises, and advocates on behalf of the Port's maritime industries.
Lead Staff: Michael Nerney

Waterfront Design Advisory Committee

Design review of major Port development projects
Lead Staff: Dan Hodapp